About Bobbi


Bobbi Bryant worked as Manager of Volunteer Services for North Hawaii Hospice on the Big Island of Hawaii. Previous to her employment at two different hospice organizations, she was inspired to volunteer for hospice and sit with patients as they were experiencing their final transition in this life. From this experience she learned intimately about the challenges present in end of life care and what the dying have to teach us, not only about laboring out of this human life, but also about living a fully inspired life. 

Bobbi created a curriculum for end-of-life doula support and trained hospice patient volunteers in this model of care.  She benefited greatly from being a part of the hospice team, not only as a staff member, but from her previous years as a patient volunteer.  

Bobbi was motivated to create Inspired Endings as an extension of her years and experience with hospice.  Training and mentoring volunteers , creating new programs that benefit patients and providing educational outreach for the public gave Bobbi an excellent platform and understanding from which to launch a training program for those outside of hospice interested in caring for the dying. Having the benefit of being a part of a care team that supports those at the end of life, she is fully aware of all of the elements of care that can benefit the dying and those that love and care for them. As a result, she infuses her end-of-life doula training with core hospice education, holistic non-medical comfort skills and exercises in mindfulness, meditation and compassion. She encourages students to have a contemplative practice of their own to help support them in being as present and as grounded as possible as they support the dying and those who love them. 

Guiding and supporting people  at the end of life is a gift that has a generational ripple effect. We can all be a part of this evolution.  One person, one family at a time, we can change how we perceive and approach sickness, aging and death. We can honor it’s rightful place in this human life cycle. When we do this, we have the opportunity to look at our own lives, to dig down deep and live from a place of true meaning. We can live a deeply inspired life.

In her experience with the dying, Bobbi learned one of the most important lessons of all, to sit respectfully, in silent wonder as witness to the dying and their sacred journey.