End of Life Doula Training


Inspired Endings Doula Companion and Care Program


Inspired Endings Doula Companion and Care Program

With certification- 3 Day on-site training- $895

With additional mentoring program- $1555

This weekend training will include lecture, journaling, discussion, role playing, films, meditation, group and dyad work. As a prerequisite for the training you will be asked to complete some reading, reflecting and writing assignments. You will be asked to explore  your own feelings around death and dying. Journaling is required.  We encourage you to volunteer with hospice, a nursing home or a private care home in order to complete your patient hours. Some of you will already be caregivers and can complete your hours with those you are caring for if the situation allows.

Program Overview

· Completed application with references

· Pre-course at home study, reading and writing

·  Three day training

· Supporting 3 end of life patients with written documentation

· Written final exam packet 

· Certificate Package

· Optional mentoring program

Program includes but is not limited to:

Pre-course study

· History of death midwifery

· Medical system, funeral industry and embalming

· Self-assessment questionaire: Perspectives on death and dying

· Contemplative practice and self care

Supporting Those We Serve

· Being with the dying and those they love

· The physical  and spiritual expression of dying

· An ER doctors experience  with doula support

· Essential, practical and holistic non-medical comfort care

· Life review and inspired legacies

 · Creating care plans

· Serving as a vigil doula

· Hands on care for the dying

· Diversity, culture, religion

· Rituals- The importance of: before, during and after

· Inspired to prepare- The importance of end of life documents

· Sacred touch, healing modalities and deep listening

· Creating guided visualization for care and comfort

· Top 12 disease processes and the medications used to provide pain relief

· Recognizing and tending to grief

· It takes a village: A community caregiving and networking model of care

. What hospice wants you to know

· And More

Creative Endings

· What to expect

· Supporting the vigil plan

· The art of natural death care

· Caring for the body of the beloved

· Rites and rituals at and after death

· Obituaries and Eulogies

· Home funerals, traditional funerals, celebrants

· After death: reflections on beautiful moments

Mentoring- There are those of you who will want and need extra support. The mentoring program will provide you with an additonal 12- 1 hour sessions to discuss what you are learning and any concerns or issues that might arise while you are in your role as doula. Bobbi has been mentoring volunteers for hospice for years and offers her knowledge with a gentle and compassionate style of support.

With Mentoring- $1583. (12-1hr sessions, in person, by phone, zoom or skype) Additional mentoring sessions- $55 per hour