60 hour End-of-Life Doula Training with Certification


FEBRUARY 21-23, 2020- 3 DAY TRAINING $895- $795 Early Bird Price until November 21, 2020

This training will take place at the Life and Death Wellness Center in the beautiful serene town of Kapa'au on the Big Island of Hawaii

Bobbi Is a member of the National End of Life Doula Alliance

This exciting and inspiring weekend training includes lecture, discussion, role playing, films, meditation, journaling, learning hands on skills and group exploration. As a prerequisite for the training you will be asked to complete some inspiring reading, reflecting and writing. You will be asked to explore your own feelings around death and dying. In other words, we are asking you to show up fully for this experience even before it begins. Once the training is completed you are encouraged to volunteer with hospice, a nursing home or a private care home in order to complete your patient hours and to get more experience in supporting the dying with your new end of life doula skills. If you are already a caregiver you can complete your hours with those you are supporting if the situation allows.

Program Overview

· Completed registration and questionnaire

· Pre- course at home study, reading and writing

· Three Day live training 

· Supporting three end of life patients with written documentation

· Written final exam packet including your end of life plan

· Certificate package

. Two follow up check-in calls

· Optional mentoring program

Mentoring- There are those of you who will want extra support. The mentoring program will provide you with an additional 12- 1 hour sessions to discuss what you are learning, how to incorporate your doula skill set into your current business and any concerns or issues that might arise while you are in your role as doula. Bobbi mentored volunteers for hospice for years and offers her knowledge with a gentle and compassionate style of support.

With Mentoring- 12-1hr sessions, in person, by phone, zoom or skype

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End-of Life Doula Training

Pre-course Learning


  • History of death midwifery 
  • Changing the course of history: Medical system, funeral industry and embalming
  • End of Life Perspectives-  Your experience
  • Self Care rituals and your contemplative practice
  • Exploring the sacred

Supporting Those we Serve


  • Being with the dying and those they love
  • The physical and spiritual expression of dying
  • Top end of life disease processes  and holistic non-medical comfort care
  • Life review and inspired legacy projects
  • Creating Care plans
  • Serving as a vigil doula
  • Diversity, culture and religious influences on dying and death
  • End of life documents
  • Deep listening 
  • Guided Visualization
  • Recognizing and tending to grief 
  • Community Caregiving 
  • Ethics
  • And M

Creative Endings


  • What to expect-signs and symptoms
  • Supporting vigil plan
  • The art of natural death care
  • Caring for the body of the beloved
  • Rites and rituals at and after death
  • Obituaries and Eulogies
  • Home funerals, green burial, traditional funerals, celebrants
  • After death: reflections on beautiful and tender moments




Bobbi Bryant

Bobbi Bryant Inspired Endings End-of-Life Doula Training

Bobbi Bryant worked for hospice for several years training and mentoring volunteers to support the dying and those who love them.  She currently is the founder of Inspired Endings LLC . Bobbi is an end-of-life doula and death educator. She facilitates end-of-life doula training's and provides support for those who are passionate about caring for people in the final transition of this human life.

Dr. Charlotte Charfen

Dr. Charlotte Charfen Inspired Endings End-of-Life Doula Training Florida

Dr. Charlotte Charfen is an American Board of      Emergency Medicine certified ER physician with      nearly twenty years of clinical practice in the field of Life and Death.  She lives in Hawaii where she now spends her days coaching, consulting and empowering others to live and die well.  

End-of-Life Doula Training Hawaii- Early Bird Price

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