Doula Companioning for caregivers



Inspired Endings Doula Companioning for Caregivers

Two day on-site workshop

Investment- $445

Many of you already have a variety of caregiving skills and would like to add specific end-of -ife doula skills to your toolkit. This workshop is for you.


· Inspired Care- Top concerns for caregivers 

· Care for the caregiver

· Spiritual foundations of Compassionate Care

· The importance of end of life documents. Advanced Directives, POLST or MOLST 

. Choosing the right MPOA and DPOA

· Hands on care skills

· Gathering your care team

· Finding your community care network 

· 12 top disease processes and the medications used to relieve pain

· Medical equipment to recognize

· Non-medical comfort support for patient

· What to expect in the end and what to do when death occurs

· Difficult deaths

· Grief and how we care for ourselves

· Final Inspiration- rituals, home funerals, traditional funerals, cremation and final documents

Mentoring- $55 per hour for additional one hour support sessions done via phone, skype, zoom or in person.