Informational Websites

Advance Directives-

Find out more about what advance directives are and download your states Advance Directives

The Conversation- Talking with your family/friends/doctors about your end of life medical wishes and how to choose a health care proxy  

Five Wishes Living Will

Home Funerals- NHFA

NHPCO- National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization- 

POLST- Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment

The End Well Project- 

Medical Aid in Dying -


Being With Dying- Joan Halifax (2009)

A Year to Live- Stephen Levine  (1998)

Being Mortal- Atul Guwande (2014)

The Five Invitations- Frank Ostaseski  (2017)

Final Rights:  Reclaiming the American Way of Death- Josh Slocum/Lisa Carlson (2011)

The Art of Dying Well- Katy Butler

A Beginners's Guide to the End: How to Live Life  to the Full and Die a Good Death- BJ MIller


Departures- 2008- Netflix

End Game- 2018 - Netflix

A Family Undertaking- 2003


What Really Matters at the End of Life- BJ Miller 

Undying Love- Lucy Kalanithi  MD/Frank Ostaseski 

Reframing the Conversation: The Death Project- David Seidler/Clara Henden