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Inspired Endings asks that we re-imagine what the end of life could be like should we get curious and creative with our own human experience. In planning for the inevitable we can boldly and lovingly face what is in front of us with an open heart. This lays the fertile ground for a richer and more intentional life experience until our very last breath. Inspired Endings provides End-of -Life Doula and Caregiver training for those who want to learn the skills to compassionately support others at a most tender and challenging time of life; to be with dying and be with the dying. We also provide guidance and support in completing Advanced Care Directives/Living Will and crafting Ethical and Heart Wills for your loved ones. We support you in reaching into the deep meaning of your life to create a legacy to offer those you leave behind, the ripple effect of which can permeate the heart of generations. We provide education on home funerals as well as support you in designing your own end of life plan.

The End-of-Life Doula Training- An Important Note:

The work we do together is of a very intimate nature. We keep our groups small so that we may learn in a safe container where everyone can feel comfortable and confidentiality is honored. We are not only learning to support the dying and their loved ones, but we are entering into our own journey with dying. We look forward to spending sacred time with you!


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