I highly recommend this essential training course if you are a caregiver for the dying, a hospice professional /volunteer, interested in becoming an End-of-Life Doula, or even an advocate for mindful elder care. This course will impart the skills necessary for compassionate care of the dying, and offer tools for supporting the circle of people caring for the dying. Bobbi Bryant brings many years of hospice experience and highly trained professional skills openheartedly in an intimate setting. She infuses meditation and a universal spiritual element throughout the course while sharing carefully researched methods and procedures of becoming a complete End-of-Life Doula. The smaller class size encourages participants to share unique perspectives and open discussion. Co-facilitator Dr. Charlotte Charfen, ER Surgeon, adds an important medical perspective designed to inform the non-medical work of a Death Doula. Gaining deeper knowledge of common terminal illnesses is indispensable for caregivers and doulas in the role of advocates for clients and families The participant will walk away with a generous supply of resource documents for use in the role of an End-of-Life doula/caregiver. Students will receive necessary instructional aids from grief support to care for the caregiver, to step by step consultation guidance, plus check lists, and various guides to cocreate an end-of-life plan of care. Inspired Endings End-of-Life Doula Training is the most all-inclusive educational “retreat” of its kind ~an all embracing gift for anyone in the death trade. ~Akhila Murphy, End-of-Life Doula, Co-founder of Full Circle of Living and Dying.

As a physician, life and death coach, caregiver and human, this course was exactly the missing link in what I had been searching for in a training specifically for End of Life Doulas. The content was deep and rich but best of all hands on. The group setting was intimate enough for the student to have individual attention and not feel completely overwhelmed but supported in such an intense topic of mortality. I would highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to educate themselves in the care of our dying. 

Charlotte Charfen- ER Doctor

I recently had the honor of attending a 3 day End of Life Doula training facilitated by Bobbi Bryant. It was both life changing and profoundly beautiful. It provided us many opportunities to look at how we can best show up for patients and their families as the dying make their final transition.

As a nurse, I have to say that all of our training in school as well as clinical work experience in the hospital setting that followed, primarily focused on prolonging life, regardless of quality. Little if any attention was focused on addressing the needs of a dying patient. My hope would be that both modalities of care could coexist. This training could serve as a bridge to assist the medical community to help patients and family members, when deemed warranted, to transition from life sustaining care to life transition care.

 Pat Grant, RN

I took the End of Life Doula (EOLD) Certification training in November 2017. I am very grateful to Bobbi for making it happen and for the thorough professional training I received. I am also grateful for the added bonus of becoming part of the End of Life Doula community where I live. 

One thing I really liked about the training was the way it was passionately delivered. Being a very sensitive subject for many people it was approached with an open-hearted reverence for sacred caring. Being in Hawaii we have many different cultures to be aware of and this training definitely added cultural sensitivity. The manual that was made for each of us by Bobbi, was professional and user friendly.

I would recommend anyone interested in learning about End of Life Doula work, whether for a new vocation, wanting to learn about it for your own life and your loved ones, or to volunteer for a hospice organization, to consider taking an End of Life Doula training with Bobbi Bryant.

Rose Riedesel- Certified EOLMidwife, Big Island, Hawaii

As an ICU Nurse and Family practitioner I found the End of Life Doula Training to be highly valuable. In my career I have been witness to and involved in the care of many patients around the time of death. My nursing curriculum prepared me well in the practical/physical aspects of the dying process but I feel there was an educational deficit in addressing the significance of the emotional and spiritual processes involved in the dying process, for both the dying and their loved ones.

Bobbi’s training program has provided me with an excellent foundation in learning how to foster individualized support and to hold space for the grieving at such a pivotal time. I believe her End of Life Doula Training Program would be an ideal addition to any school curriculum by fostering a greater sense of presence and quality care during the end of life period for both patients and caregivers. In addition, I believe the benefits of greater personal awareness gained in such a training would foster improved healthcare worker-patient interaction in all aspects of care. 

Kim Schueler- ICU Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner.