May all beings feel safe* May all beings feel loved* May all beings experience peace* May all beings be free from sufffering




COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus for which there is no vaccine. It has now spread globally making it a pandemic for which the impact on the world has been catastrophic.  I hope that some of the resources below can help.

John Hopkins University has the latest information and updates on COVID-19 

World Health Organization 


The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Weighs in on COVID-19 

Center for Infection Disease Research and Policy 

Hawaii Specific Information hawaii/ 




The best way to ensure that you recieve the medical care you wish for is to complete all of your Advance Care Planning Documents, speak with your family and physicians about your wishes and choose a very strong health care advocate.  These plans are for your physical, emotional and spiritual care as well. Here are the resources you need.

Advance Directives for your State

Five Wishes Living Will- Online storage/Free printed copies

Dementia Provision, Assisted Living Rider, POLST, DNR

Guide to How to Have the Conversation with Your Family

Medical Aid in Dying

Rocket Lawyer- Online affordable service for Estate Planning

Doula Support During COVID-19


End-of-Life Doula Support

End-of-Life Doulas provide non-medical holistic support for those in the last phase of this human life as well as their loved ones. The highly infectious nature of the COVID-19 virus means that doulas can not physically be in the same space as the dying person no and their family.  This has presented an opportunity to serve people using technology.  We can accomplish quite a bit this way.  Utilizing the phone and computer we can support you as well using ZOOM and Face Time.  Here's how we can assist:

  • PLANNING- End-of-Life Planning is of extreme importance.  We can guide you through completing all of your health care documents. This is SUPER IMPORTANT!
  • Care Plans- We can help develop care plans for both the person who is dying as well as the caregiver.
  • Set-up a private health website for communication with family and friends.
  • Assist in creating your care team network.
  • Be a compassionate listener
  • Support in creating your life story project.  This can be written as well as recorded
  • Assistance in creating a sound will with all  your favorite songs 
  • If we are close by we can shop and run errands for you




Care Deeply for Your Precious Self

#1- Mindful news consumption Check-in briefly when you need to in order to stay up to date about matters of health and safety. Over watching the news is contributing to panic and anxiety. This will deplete you of your internal resources.  This is a time to replenish, not diminish.

#2 Listen to calming music

Deva Premal and Miten work for me.

 Sounds from nature soothe the nervous system as well.

#3 Dance

Move the stuck energy in your body by dancing.  Play some funky music and get your groove on.  It's good medicine! Here's a fun mix or choose your own, there are plenty of options out there.

#4 Suggestions from the wise ones

 Tara Brach offers a wonderful series of talks called "Sheltering in Love".

#5 Meditate

 If you don't already have a meditation practice it's a good time to start one.  Insight timer is loaded with meditations and inspiring talks.

#6  Surround yourself in nature Go for a walk, gaze at the beauty around you, even if you can only find one flower, take it in with your eyes and your appreciation. Take your shoes off and stand in the grass. Connecting with nature is soothing for our systems.

#7 CRY

I'm a big fan of this one! You might not consider this self-care but it is.  We all need to release the grief and sorrow that is housed in our body.

#8 Grieve- Grief is a natural response to loss.  We feel it when someone we love and care for dies as well as when major life changes happen. Self-care involves taking care of our grief.  Seek support to help guide you. 

Free daily online grief group offered by David Kessler Grief Specialist 

#9 Eat well and stay hydrated

Eating healthy food and staying hydrated will boost your resilience. Read what Dr. Andrew Weil, an expert in health and wellness recommends.

# 10- Spirituality- Nurture your connection to the Great Mystery in whatever way is meaningful for you. Here is a site with several resources.

when someone dies



Funeral Consumers Alliance-

National Home Funeral Alliance- Pandemic resources for families facing end of life.

Oregon Funeral Resources and Education

The Inspired Funeral- Support, Resources, Templates for Ceremonies

Green Burial Council-

more resources